Thursday, May 31, 2007

Advice from Gartner on Gartner

I went to the Gartner Conference this week in Tel Aviv and the last session was on "How to work better with Gartner". I would say that the best advice was:
1) To use inquiries more often and get the value of : getting the analysts attention on specific issues; establishing your point of view on individual issues; receiving specific info on your messaging, competition, product development, etc.
2) Dont send more than 20 slides in a presentation for an analyst (if they are really interested you may not get past the first two)
3) Practice the briefing in advance to a critical audience
I also made some suggestions--that they should open the communication lines more, for instance, ie. run a blog for AR issues, etc.
The most interesting session at the Conference was actually on the Media Industry which seems to be making the most dramatic changes that will affect our lives.
An example: Dove uploaded a movie on YouTube rather than pay several million dollars for a TV ad, and generated 3x more traffic to: than their Superbowl Ad. This will probably do a lot to revolutionize the advertising industry, at least in the U.S....