Saturday, July 11, 2009

Google Wave Will Rock!

The Future of the Internet-Again! Google really gets it. They present their new Google Wave BEFORE it is ready so that it will be a truly open service. They created it based on a question: What would email look like if it was created today? Google Wave is the answer to this questions.
They reminded us that it was created 40 years ago before the internet...Can u imagine a world without internet?!
They have created a hosted conversation including IM which a live transmission of typing-they claim that 50% of your time in IM is wasted waiting to see what someone is typing. Their new version allows to to spend 100% of your time reading and writing since you can see what someone is typing and respond at the same time. This youtube presentation was Google presenting to developers and included applause from the audience for certain features-and some bugs....
Check out this presentation to see what your email will look like in the future: