Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gartner joins the Blogging Party

Gartner has finally decided to encourage their analysts to get into the Blogsphere and to create a framework for it. http://blogs.gartner.com/
There are 45 analysts listed and 17 of them have not yet blogged. Most certainly this list will be much shorter in a few months.

One of the interesting blogs is not an analyst but rather a promotion for the Gartner book on Hypecycles: MASTERING THE HYPE CYCLE : How to Choose the Right Innovation at the Right Time discussing the use of Hype Cycles.

One interesting use of the blog is Mark Driver who used the blog to encourage participation in one of his upcoming sessions at the Web Innovation Conference:

"Do you have questions related to the sessions I’m hosting at the Web Innovation Conference this week? Put them in the comments here and I will try to address them during the Q&A portion of the session or as a followup blog post after the session."

Carter held a very interesting email interview with Andrew Spender, Gartner's VP of Corporate Communications which reveals the current official answers to your questions about how this is going to work....

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