Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Threat to Analyst Groups?

Tech Crunch has moved into the Analyst/Research Group space with their new venture: Tech Crunch Research offering either single reports at $149 or an annual subscription at $450..
RedMonk was the first opensource analyst firm and their tagline is : Analysis for the people,by the people. They offer their research for free and sell their consulting hours based on the company size, use of research and ability to pay.
I see this as the business model of the future for the big guys also-Forrester and Gartner. The subscription model has a limited lifetime as a business model since everything else in the IT and Marketing world is moving towards transparency. I am guessing that Forrester will be the first to move and Gartner the last--but it will happen.


Ludovic said...


Nothing is free in this world, and good analysis takes time to produce.

I have a lot of respect for independent analysts and most of them produce good research and paid-for papers. However, most don't cover a market in its entirety -only the vendors who pay them.

Positioning Power said...

I agree with you--however, analyst groups will need to accomodate the new business models all around them and adjust. I am a big fan of Gartner, Forrester and all of the rest and value their objectivity and insight; however, not everyone will continue to be willing to pay such high prices for this advise unless they see the direct value.