Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Free Ways to Increase Company Awareness and Web Traffic

4 Free Ways to Increase Company Awareness & Web Traffic

By: Guest Blogger Jodie Clements
So… Ya mamma told ya never to play with the traffic, eh? Times have changed.

If you are a start up, here are 4 free ways to market your business in order to gain more company awareness, generate more web traffic and ultimately, snag that all-important sales inquiry phone call that’ll hopefully pay for all that new and expensive office furniture you have just had to fork out for:

Industry Directories.
Whatever industry you are working in, you can be sure as damned it that there are industry directories with lists and lists of companies in your field. Get moving and get OUT there. Register your company on every relevant industry directory you can find. Not only will you find out more about the competition and potential business partners, but you’ll get instant visibility, not to mention branding and potential new business.

Blogs & Blurbs
If you are part of an industry, you are able to provide value to someone wanting to know more about your industry and its players and, maybe even gain a client or three in the process. You have value sitting right there in your head. Write it down. Post it on industry blogs, boards, online forums, etc. The possible posting opportunities go on and on…and they will eventually create awareness and web traffic.

Social Media
Hello? May I remind you that this IS the dawning of the ‘death of anonymous’... There’s NO WAY you can beat it, so you might as well join it. It’s all out there, just waiting for you to add your virtual footprint. If you are not there, you literally do not exist in today’s online world. Social media is the ‘name of the fame’. I am talking Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, MySpace and who knows what else will be invented in the time it takes you to return a library book. If you have a business, get yourself a profile. Start adding content, create value…and remember; “If you write it… they will come...”

This is not an obvious one… but I personally find it one of the best ways to make a name for yourself. Sign up to every single newsletter relevant to your field. Start reading. Start talking on the feedback threads… start giving input as in industry professional in your field of expertise. Make sure each input includes a web link to your site. Again, more awareness, more presence, more credibility and more branding… all leading to more web traffic… you get the picture. You’ll also get to know many people in your industry, which will eventually create new leads.

A Word of Caution:
Just one thing – do be careful. If you start it, you should keep it up. Make sure the person doing this in your company knows all the facts, understands the company message you want to project and is consistent with their input and that message.

Written by Jodie Clements
Marketing Communications Consultant & Marketing Writer


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