Monday, July 9, 2007

The Impact of Blogging on PR

I went to a seminar on Blogging yesterday by Alan Weinkrantz in Tel Aviv and came away thinking how powerful the blogsphere is becoming and how PR has to adapt to the new media ecosystem. In this new world, the bloggers get briefed sometimes before the media does and the bloggers get the news out faster sometimes than any other channel--and that's power.

Steve Rubel from Micropersuasion posted an older (yet still relevant) Presentation on PR and Emerging Communication Channels which analyses the new ecosystem and gives you 3 Steps to get started if you want to join this world (do we have a choice?). Step 1: Listen--he suggests tools to investigate what is out there; Step 2: Reach Out to other bloggers and create relationships; Step 3: Participate--become part of the conversation

Deborah Schultz also gave a lecture a few months ago in Herzilya on Blogging and she inspired me to go out and create my own blog (and here we are). She explained that Blogging is like a big party where you can invite people to join you at any time. So far the party just keeps getting bigger and more fun.


Nurit said...

I would say one of the best ways to improve analyst relations is to invite analysts to one of Nancy and Danny's famous Fourth of July parties. The best hamburgers and hotdogs around and plenty of networking.

Debs said...

hey nancy - thanks for the link. Alan knows his stuff I am sure it was a good workshop