Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Future of Analyst Relations and Analyst Groups

Great post on the Future of Analyst Relations by the VP, Analyst Relations for IBM, John Mihalec.
Some of my favorite excerpts:

When asked to describe his job John says: Sometimes I tell people it's like being an attorney in a courtroom with no judge and no rules of evidence, but just a jury….a professional jury that has heard case after case, and they've heard it ALL. And it's our job to bring before that jury whatever facts or logic we can muster to make the case. Because IBM's success in the marketplace depends on it.

His vision of the future of AR:
My vision is that we will help IT analysts to increasingly focus on business issues (not just technology), that we will improve IBM's ability to leverage their output to drive business results, especially in emerging markets, and that we become change agents and allies with them on societal and governmental issues where we have a common view, on behalf of the industry we both serve. And get home by 6 o'clock.

I am really interested to hear from you what your vision is AND if you think that this industry: both the Analyst Industry with the business models of today (subscriber) and AR have a future at all....


David R said...


I wonder what you think about the results of the IIAR analyst of the year survey ( and what they say about the future of the analyst market.

It is interesting to see the mix of big and small...


Positioning Power said...

Thanks for your comment David. As I posted on Jonny's blog, I believe that the little guys are going to keep climbing up the ladder of influence and will eventually force the big guys to change their business model to a more accessible model for small and medium sized businesses, such as pay for service rather than the subscription model which is hard to justify if a company does not have the resources to really dedicate time to getting ROI on their investment/subscription.